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Hot Fresh Food by Day. 24 | 7 | 365 Hero by Night!

The perfect blend of made-to-order and freshly prepared food.

CK Live! is the next step in dining convenience and quality, with fresh food prepared to order, and 24/7 options for off-hours availability.

We've combined our food service expertise and culinary skill with our proprietary technology to create an entirely new option for companies to meet the needs of their associates.

CK Live combines our traditional food service with a Company Kitchen micro market. Your employees will have fresh, healthy food in a traditional employee dining room for breakfast and lunch. They'll also have the opportunity to select from a variety of fresh food and drinks 24/7 from the Company Kitchen.

Employees can use a convenient, tech-savy kiosk to order food or scan their self-serve items from the CK. This makes the whole transaction lean and effecient, and ensures that all transactions are accurate. It also means that employees don’t have to fumble around for money since they will use their CK card, which they can store value on through their online account with a credit or debit card. Companies also save the expense of having cashiers.

CK Live! is like nothing you've seen before.