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Micro-Market Service

A Modern Solution That Your Associates Will Love.

More Convenient. Greater Selection. Fresher. Healthier. Better!

You can provide your associates with a tangible benefit your entire organization will enjoy, and it won't cost your company a thing!

A Company Kitchen micro-market is stocked with a broad range of fresh, nutritious selections that sets a new standard for snacks and meals in the workplace. And best of all, Company Kitchen takes care of everything! Fresh food deliveries, plenty of variety… it's even possible for your CK Micro-Market to be a no-cost proposition for companies that meet certain criteria.

The benefits to your associates and your company as a whole are immediate and obvious: fresher, healthier and better selections for snack, food and refreshment choices; an emphasis on a more health-conscious lifestyle; and a platform for your organization's wellness initiatives.

CK is simply a better alternative that will benefit your company and your employees everyday.